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Angus Autin's Rising

Angus Autin's Rising

Join Angus Austin in his ultimate quest.  The sweet message in Angus Austin's Rising (formerly entitled "Ascending") is Yorgason at his best.  Fun, easy-to-read, a style that 3 million readers have come to enjoy.

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Blaine Yorgason

In this remarkable and poignant flight of fantasy, best-selling and award-winning author Blaine M. Yorgason uses the round, round eyes and giant heart of a Royal albatross named Angus Austin to reveal life as it truly could be.  As "Gus's" soaring flights carry him far and farther, high and higher, seeking always to comprehend the joys and difficulties of his life, our hearts will rise with him in a triumphant search beyond the most distant horizons for our own understanding.




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