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Being Santa

Being Santa

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Becoming The Real Santa had given Robert Fields a meaningful purpose for life. It hadn't seemed particularly difficult for him to become Santa in two short months. To be Santa every day for the rest of his life, however, would be the bigger challenge.

And in order to be Santa, Robert would have to understand him completely. Santa would have to be real to himself before he could be real to others. So Robert promised himself that he would study each of Santa's attributes and implement them in his own life.

Robert might have conceded that such a lofty goal was much too difficult for one ordinary person to ever hope to achieve. Furthermore, he sincerely wanted to reach the point of actual existence, as anything less than such a reality would not be acceptable. But could it ever be achieved?

During his brief experience Robert had already sensed moments when he had actually felt and acted like the real Santa Claus. Such fleeting seconds and minutes led him to believe in his heart that it was possible to stretch those instances into hours and days, months and years-or even ages. After all, Robert has always believed that each person is just one choice away from being suitable to himself and beneficial to others; they just need to know what their choices are.



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