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Do the Mormons Have a Leg to Stand On?

Do the Mormons Have a Leg to Stand On?

A critical look at LDS doctrines in light of the Bible and the teachings of the early christian church.

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From its inception, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has claimed to be Christian.  And from day one its detractors have insisted that such is not the case among Christians.  From as early as the first century there have been divisions within the Church.  Definitions of orthodoxy have varied from congregation to congregation, and from one denomination to another.  Roman Catholic scholar Robert P, George noted: “Christian division is a scandal.  It is contrary to the express will of Christ.  Nothing more profoundly impedes the fulfillment of our Lord’s Great Commission to go forth into the world and make disciples of all nations.  Division among Christians is a stumbling block to many people to whom the gospel is preached.  They ask:  How can I know that the Christian gospel is true if Christians themselves cannot agree about the fundamental points of its meaning?”  This question is a valid one.  It seems we spend as much time denouncing one denomination or another as we do proclaiming “Jesus Christ, and him crucified” (I Corinthians 2:2).




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