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Unpublished Revelations of the Prophets and Presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Unpublished Revelations of the Prophets and Presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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Fred C. Collier

This exciting publication is a faith promoting work which features well over three hundred pages of Spiritual Manifestations that were given to the founding Prophets of Mormonism-including Revelations, Visions, Dreams, Healings, Prophetic Warnings, Signs and Miracles, and much more. From cover to cover this edition contains detailed accounts of real life experiences that highlight and distinguish true Mormonism from other contemporary religions of the day. In this volume you will read of hosts of angels and legions of evil spirits. You will envision God the Father walking through the Kirtland Temple, His very person a being of consuming glory, and not only the Father, but also the Savior. You will feel the love and power of God as you read of the experiences of those who personally knew the Prophet and witness the change in the lives of many who were touched through his ministry. Historic events include all variant accounts of the First Vision and nearly every eye-witness account of the Restoration, including the Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood. There are numerous accounts of miraculous events which happened to early missionaries as well as the great and glorious Pentecostal visions which were given to the Saints in the Kirtland Temple. You will read of many instances wherein the miraculous Power of God is manifest at times of great trial and tribulations, such as the Massacre at Hauns Mill. Whether you are a student of Church History, a seeker after doctrine and theology, or simply an unread member of the Church in search of that which will promote faith and spiritual uplift which ever of these you may be you will find in this volume the fulfillment of your hopes indeed a priceless treasure which contains both food for the Spirit as well as the Mind all intricately woven together, a true legacy of the Miraculous and Divine which the Lord and His people have bequeathed to the Saints of this last dispensation!




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