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Sealing the Testimony

Sealing the Testimony

Because he was an eyewitness to the betrayal, treachery, and conspiracy that led to the murder of the Prophet,  Elder Richard was in a unique position to recount the story of the martyrdom.  Ted Gibbons, relives Joseph's last days and the events that permitted him to seal his testimony in his own blood.

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The intent of the mob that attacked Carthage Jail was to leave no survivors to tell the truth of what happened.  But two men survived.  One of them, in fulfillment of prophecy, was unharmed.  That man was Willard Richards.


Willard Richards was the Prophet's personal secretary and Church Historian.  In addition, he was with Joseph almost every minute of every day during the final weeks of the Prophet's life.  And he was present at Carthage Jail when Joseph died. 



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