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Finding Zarahemla

Finding Zarahemla

The Pacing Is Fast, The Suspense Nonstop!

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Zarahemla, a black Quarter Horse racing stallion - worth an estimated ten million dollars - missiong from its stall near the Los Alamitos Race Track in Los Angeles.

For the owner, Janie Mack, and her attorney, Ramon Rockwell - a retired Navy SEAL - finding Zarahemla is a must. Tips lead them to Sinaloa, deep in the heart of Mexico, one of the drug capitals of the world. The challenge - steal Zarahemla from the grips of the country's most powerful drug lord!


So many twists - all satisfying, most unexpected!


An international chase, a quest!


A high-speed thriller! Hard to put down!


And as bonus, a sizzling romance!




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