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Kevin L. Nielsen

For the Rhauli people, the world has just gotten a lot bigger.

Gavin, now the unchallenged leader of the Rhauli, finds that life with the slave "rebellion" is much more about staying alive than fighting back. The former slaves want the Rhauli to assimilate-forget about their history, culture, and the battle they just fought against the Orinai. But for Gavin, the wounds are too fresh and the stakes are too high to give up now.

Meanwhile, Lhaurel is a prisoner of the Seven Sisters, the mysterious and ruthless mages who rule the Orinai capitol. But as more time passes without her magic, she finds it harder to keep resisting her new Sisters.

But Lhaurel might not be enough to protect the Rahuli anymore. Her powers are a secret worth killing for and the Orinai are coming once again. To keep his people alive, Gavin must earn the trust of the former slaves or they won't stand a chance against the approaching Orinai army.

Can the Orinai be defeated or have the Rahuli entered a fight they cannot win?




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