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Reclaiming Liberty (TIMES OF TURMOIL - BOOK FOUR)

Reclaiming Liberty (TIMES OF TURMOIL - BOOK FOUR)

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Chad Daybell

After a long winter, the Coalition leaders have gathered in Denver to complete their invasion of the United States and establish a new society.

However, the Coalition leaders are unaware that the Elders of Israel are fully prepared to defend their lands and liberty. As the snow melts, these righteous soldiers begin their journey to Denver to battle the Coalition forces. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, thousands of citizens have fled the West Coast and are making their way inland. Members of the Foster and Shaw families help these people find hope by guiding them to Places of Refuge that will someday become Cities of Light.

As the Times of Turmoil come to a close, hearts are softened and the veil is thin as the Saints prepare to fully establish Zion.

Reclaiming Liberty, the fourth and concluding volume in the Times of Turmoil series, gives readers an exciting close-up look at the prophesied events that must occur before the Savior’s Second Coming.

Chad Daybell has written more than two dozen LDS-based books, including the bestselling Standing in Holy Places series.




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