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Zion's Promise Vol. 3 Amidst War's Alarms

Zion's Promise Vol. 3 Amidst War's Alarms

Adventure awaits in this suspense-filled book from master-storyteller Chris Jefferies.

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Adam Weldon thinks that only a few short weeks of hard work stand between him and very bright future.  Soon, however, he is caught up in forces beyond his control - forces unleashed by the Civil War.  Both his love for his fiance, Laura, and his new faith will be tried in ways he can't imagine.  Little does he suspect that Laura has a persistent, new suitor capable of sowing doubts.


Outlaws, Indian trouble, and the possibility of hostilities between the Mormons and U.S. Army provide the backdrop for stories that intertwine with Adam's.  Cyrus Will, a sergeant in the U.S. infantry, has come to the territory curious about the faith his mother embraced before her death.  Susan Haws, a newcomer to Grantsville, is enjoying the fellowship of her Latter-day Saint neighbors while trying to break free from her former life - and a sinister bargain.



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