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Walker's Gold

Walker's Gold

This adventurous story is about Mattie Jones, her children, and an old map rumored to lead the way to a cave full of gold. 

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Shirley Bahlmann

Matties Jones thinks she's found the perfect place to heal from her painful divorce when she travels to Manti, Utah to attend the unexpected funeral of her grandfather who died in a tragic accident.  After she moves into Grandpa's house with her two children, she finds herself fearing for their safety when her dog is poisoned and someone breaks in and ransacks the place.  Does someone carry a grudge against Grandpa?  Or does it have something to do with the curious old map her son found in one of Grandpa's books?  Mattie learns that the map is rumored to lead the way to a cave full of gold, which was put in the care of Indian Chief Walker with a charge to guard it against all evil.  Now, Mattie must find out who is threatening her family before the evil catches up with her.




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