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Dear Jeff: An Older Brother's Straightforward Advice on Preparing to Enter the Temple

Dear Jeff: An Older Brother's Straightforward Advice on Preparing to Enter the Temple

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You know, Jeff, even baptism can seem weird--someone dunking you while a bunch of people watch. That's what happens when you view an ordinance as an isolated act--it seems weird. And a lot of people feel weirded out by their first temple experience--even LDS people who've taken the official temple prep course and have been Mormons their whole life. That's because people are afraid to talk about the temple because it's sacred. It's good to be reverent and cautious--I won't argue that. But sometimes our fear can lead to people being shocked and frustrated by the temple--and that's something that definitely shouldn't happen either. The antidote is simply understanding. This book reveals the deeper tradition and the host of symbols, demystifying the temple experience so that you don't find yourself saying, "What is it you're not telling me?" Because I don't want you to feel that, I'll explain as much as I can, as well as I can. I don't expect this to be the last book on the temple you'll ever read. Prophets have written on this topic, and if I were trying to rival them, I'd be doomed. Instead, I have--well, not the advantage, but simply--the vantage of being lowly: I'm just your brother. And not having the mantle of apostleship lets me speak less formally--and I won't be afraid to mention Star Wars or Indiana Jones. I'll tell you as much as I can, so you can explain garments to your friends when they ask you questions about "Mormon underwear."  I'll also echo what the brethren have taught us in General Conference as well as what ancient prophets have taught, and I'll speak candidly--not in a watered-down way, but in a milk-before-meat sort of way, giving you easier access to one of the best things we mortals can have.



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