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A Lifetime of Incredible Experiences

A Lifetime of Incredible Experiences

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Randy Ayre certainly could not have foreseen any or all of the remarkable events of his life. But his law degree, business acumen, and language proficiencies made it possible for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to make good use of him in a variety of places and settings. During a lifetime of missionary and Church service callings, he often found himself in the midst of strange adventures:


-Flying in a homemade, motorized lawn chair over Victoria falls

-Negotiating with an ex-KGB agen who was (strangely) wearing a CTR Ring

-Playing golf on a cobra-infested golf course

-Spending time in an East German jail cell

-Helping two hostile tank commanders resolve a deadly cold-war conflict


More importantly, this entertaining and inspirational memoir testifies to the truthfulness of the restored gospel, the importance of senior missionaries, and the inexorable and remarkable growth of the Lord's kingdom.





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