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Sharp Edge of a Knife

Sharp Edge of a Knife

When Mel Petersen leaves for work on the morning of February 7, 1958, he has no idea what awaits him.  A few miles from his house, Mel picks up a pair of hitchhikers who appear to be college students, hoping to save them from having to walk in the cold.  What Mel doesn't know is that the men are actually convicts on the run, desperate to get away by any means possible.

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When one of his passengers holds a knife to Mel's throat, he has no choice but to submit to the demands of the criminals.  Mel hopes he has what it takes to talk his captors down, but fears they will kill him before he has the chance.


Based  on a true story, The Sharp Edge of a Knife follows Mel and his captors on an unforgettable ride that will have you questieoning the depth of your faith and sitting on the edge of  your seat as it grabs you from the first sentence and keeps you riveted until the very end.



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