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How to Seduce a Sasquatch

How to Seduce a Sasquatch

Theories Behind the Practical Seduction of Creativity

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Ben Behunin

Have you ever heard that there's nothing new under the sun? Bunk! Every last word. Creative ideas are blossoming all around you, everyday. You may just need this practical field guide to creativity (including 101 Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity and Theories of Practical Seduction of Creativity) in order to see them. Using the elusive Sasquatch as a metaphor for creative ideas, this book is filled with real-life examples and ideas for catching your own creative Sasquatch. With its unique format that can be read from both directions, (Theory in one direction, Practice in the other) How to Seduce a Sasquatch will leave you inspired to get out bed, think way outside the box, and live a life of adventurous creativity. And don't forget the bonus feature of dozens of playful photos by acclaimed photographer, Harry von Lederhösen, making this field guide a visual treat. Written over the course of many years by the nearly-famous author/potter/sculptor, Ben Behunin, it's a fun read that will make you look at how you spend your time and inspire you to make something more of your life-no matter your age or accomplishments. Is there anything new under the sun? Yes! But whether or not you'll be the one to discover them depends entirely on you.



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