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Customers Only Want Two Things

Customers Only Want Two Things

Winning Loyalty in a Competitive World

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Winning truly LOYAL customers can make or break your business or non-profit, and loyalty is much different from mere satisfaction. This groundbreaking book is packed with practical tips and tools for winning loyalty in both your customers and among your own staff. Your loyal customers do four things: 1) They come back, 2) They buy more or use more of your services, 3) They refer their friends and 4) They offer suggestions and feedback. You will learn how to master the two things that customers want: 1) Solve my Problem, and 2) Leave me Feeling Great about the Experience. It is the second factor where you win the most loyalty because customers expect you to solve the problem and many competitors already are. How you leave them feeling is the winning ticket. You will learn practical ways to measure the loyalty of both your staff and your customers. A chapter on leadership as a "force multiplier" emphasizes the critical role leaders play in creating a culture that wins loyalty in staff and inspires teams to deliver superb service. One chapter addresses how to serve difficult customers who can arrive distracted, disappointed or even disruptive. Another chapter presents ways we all can be better customers ourselves, and partner with our providers to create lasting, win-win relationships. Specialty chapters include how to win loyal customers in education, healthcare, realty, call centers, hospitality and government service. Kevin served a career as an Army officer and now has over thirty years of experience working around the world helping organizations win loyal customers, instill inspiring leadership and build winning teams. He brings this wealth of practical knowledge onto every page of this book.



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