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Church or Chicken Coop

Church or Chicken Coop

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When George Durrant was growing up as an Aaronic Priesthood holder, he faced a choice regarding attending church. His family was a loving mix of people who attended church, and those who didn t, so George s choice wasn t cut and dried. Is it better to get up on Sunday morning and go to church, or is it better to go clean out a chicken coop? The answer seems so simple when the alternative to church is to clean out a chicken coop. But forget the chicken coop there are many alternatives to going to church that are very attractive. Things like sleeping in. Reading the Sunday paper. Watching athletic events on television. Going fishing. Playing sports. The list goes on and on. After all, there are far more attractive things than cleaning chicken coops. What did young George decide to do when faced with these choices? The answer might surprise you. This insightful novel based on George s actual experiences will help young men evaluate their own situations as the seek to develop a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.




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