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Evertaster: The Delicious City

Evertaster: The Delicious City

$12.95 tax incl.


Adam Glendon Sidwell

Ever since he took a bite of a legendary dessert last summer,
twelve-year-old Guster Johnsonville has never been the same. In fact, when
a strange little man dressed as a conquistador comes clattering into the
barn at the back of the Johnsonville farmhouse one afternoon, he forces
Guster to face the truth: Guster is now the most delicious thing in the
whole world, and a terrible monster is coming to eat him.

The monster is one of the Yummies—a pack of horrible, ferocious creatures
with an appetite for sweets. What other choice do Guster, Zeke, and Mariah
have than to run away from home to escape the mysterious beast?

On the run in a far corner of the world, Guster and his siblings discover a
secret settlement known as the Delicious City. Now, with the Yummies hot on
their trail and the Delicious City’s Mayor determined to feed Guster to the
beasts, Guster must embrace his talents as an Evertaster if he’s going to
save the city from collapsing and get his family out alive.




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