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Shelly Brown

Tiffany Hart dreams of one thing; to be class president.

However, dreams turn to nightmares when she ends up almost dead in an
abandoned building and develops the oh-so-awful gift of ghost-seeing.
Unfortunately, Tiffany only knows one person who can help her shake her
ghoulish problem, her neighbor and the weirdest boy at school, Justin

Justin has seen ghosts since he was nine, a creepy claim that has earned
him the privilege of eating lunch by himself for years. Together they start
to unravel a mystery with dead orphans, a white witch, and phantom spiders.
To save their lives (and the afterlives of innocent children) they must
face a terrifying specter as well as a ghastly woman who isn't afraid of
hurting kids, dead or alive. Can Tiffany win the school election and solve
her ghost problems?




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