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Gospel Solutions for Pornography Addiction

Gospel Solutions for Pornography Addiction

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The problem of pornography addiction has confounded the wise, the intellectual. It is past time to apply the small and simple precepts of our Lord's gospel--far past time. And for this cause, that men might be partakers of the glories which were to be revealed, the Lord sent forth the fullness of his gospel, his everlasting covenants, reasoning in plainness and simplicity. "To prepare the weak for those things which are coming on the earth." D&C 133:57-58

Reasoning in plainness and simplicity, we may help the weak to find solutions, through the glories which are contained in the fullness of the gospel. The fact that you are reading this probably indicates that you are already aware of the severity of the problem of pornography addiction--this fact will not be belabored here, except to acknowledge that it is severe, and needs to be seriously addressed; from the prevention standpoint as well as recovery. Although this writing is addressed primarily to men, it is acknowledged that girls and women are falling victim to pornography in increased numbers--the same principles apply to them as well.

This work identifies clearly, in "Gospel" terms, the root-cause of such addiction, making the "Solution", and roads to recovery, clear. If we can solve it, we should also be able to prevent it, at least to a large degree. The precepts presented here should be of benefit to all who embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, addicted or not.



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