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The Journey: How I Cheated Death and Cured My Diabetes in 21 Days

The Journey: How I Cheated Death and Cured My Diabetes in 21 Days

Professional Chef Reverses and Self-Cures Type 2 Diabetes in 21 Days! So Can You!

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Ernest Quansah

Ernest Quansah is a professional chef who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 46. Like most type 2 diabetics, he tried to reverse his condition, but two years later he had failed. During that period, he met and spoke with many people who had endured the condition. He learned that one of his boss's diabetic parents had neglected the condition, which lead to a leg amputation.


Acknowledging the visible physical damage that awaited him, as well as the invisible internal organ damage, such as heart disease, liver failure and blindness, Quansah took it upon himself to reverse his diabetes. With the assistance of western and eastern doctors, he was successful-in 21 days! He believes that everything happens for a reason: he became diabetic and reversed the illness so that others who suffer from it may be inspired to do likewise.


Ernest Quansah is a type 2 diabetes survivor, self-cure expert, educator and consultant who believes that if other diabetics do as he did, they, too, can return to health. 




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