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Spiritual Mind Management

Spiritual Mind Management

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"Spiritual Mind Management" teaches you new mental skills that we use in hypnotherapy to assist clients in amazingly rapid personal improvement behavioral modification changes at the speed of thought! You will learn new innovative techniques of how to "Manage Your Spiritual Mind" as you apply and practice the concepts and principle taught in this book. You will experience enhanced self-confidence and personal esteem as you gain greater personal self-control. You will learn to overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors, understand how to eliminate inappropriate habits, and conquer your maladaptive behaviors. The mental skills and techniques taught here work exceptionally well at assisting people to desensitize negative and painful emotions from past hurtful experiences. You will learn how to get out of your amplified imaginations eliminating desires for inappropriate things such as emotional overeating, smoking, electronic gaming, and pornography. You will be happy and more peaceful in your mind applying and practicing "Spiritual Mind Management"! "Spiritual Mind Management" explains the observable functioning of our spiritual minds. Our spiritual minds direct our brains, as the brain directs the body. You will achieve more positive, healthy, mental, emotional, and physical outcomes, practicing spiritual mind management daily. You will learn about our various natural observable mental states of focus and deep concentration, called self-hypnosis or trance. You will be taught how to manage your mental states of consciousness, imaginations, memories, and emotions. Move forward now; enjoy achieving your goals without hesitation and procrastination!



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