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The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management

The Emotional Skills and Tools of Positive Mind Management

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Learn Mind Mastery here with Positive Mind Management mental Skills and Tools! Know how to manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, improving your mental, emotional, and physical health. This book is to teach you self-control, give you self-confidence, and self-reliance to achieve your dreams and goals with new mental and emotional skills and tools, understanding your mental capabilities better. Dennis state's, "I had a psychology class in college, but it never really stuck with me. All the super id, super ego, super stuff didn't get it done for me. I have spent 30 years studying thoughts and emotional control, and behavioral change processes from a Christian perspective. Through learning by study and also by faith, asking in fasting and prayer and receiving insights, I have come to understand how the imagination works. I know what it means to be conscious, have a conscience, and exercise agency and choice. I have understanding that who we really are is our Intelligence which is housed in our spirits mind. Our Intelligence is the part of us that thinks and moves in our spirits mind from the conscious area to the subconscious compartments of imaginations, memories, and emotions, thinking. This is the power of our mind, and knowledge of utilization gives self-control. The Intelligence generates independent thoughts or can accept thoughts from outside sources. Self-generated or accepted thoughts are then manifested as electrical frequencies in the brain. The brain is a body part and does not have independent will, energy, or thoughts. These thoughts frequencies coming out of the Intelligence direct and can control the brain and the body at all levels. Negative predominate thoughts generate maladaptive, unhealthy, frequencies in the brain. When they are sent through the central nervous system into the body, wherever these frequencies end up, they knock our immune system off of normal healthy frequencies, and can create states of dis-ease. Positive, righteous, wholesome, thoughts are frequencies coming from our Intelligence as electrical impulses are sent through the brain down into the central nervous system stimulate our immune system into powerful states of health and healing freeing us from disease. Learn how it all works here!



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