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Statesmen & Symbols

Statesmen & Symbols

Prelude to the Restoration.

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Part 1:  Sacred Symbols – Compass, Square, Octagon, Inverted Pentagram, Joseph Smith & Masonry, Early Christian Ceremonies, Ouroboros. 

Why are some of the sacred symbols used by the Founding Fathers, also found on tapestries in China that date to the time of the flood?   Why do we find the same symbols revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, as part of the Restoration, used as well by the early Christians?  Are inverted pentagrams occult symbols or do they have a sacred, nearly forgotten meaning?

Part 2:  Covenant Land

Hopewell Civilization, Ohio’s East Fork/”Hanukkiah” Earthworks, Adams & Jefferson Letters, 50 Year Jubilee.

Why are so many of the Masonic symbols used by the American Founding Fathers identical to those revealed by Joseph Smith?  Do sacred symbols tie the Book of Mormon, the Hopewell civilization of North America and the American founding together?  What do LDS temples have in common with the Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge and the Hopewell mounds in North America?



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