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Protector of Central Park

Protector of Central Park

Life is good for young carefree squirrels living in New York City’s Central Park.  At least HJ “Hoppin’ Jack” Graytail and his friends think so.  There’s plenty of mischief, excitement, and fun to keep them very happy.  Of course there’s school, too, but that’s not bad as long as you keep out of the way of the Raccoon Brothers.

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JT Brewer


Then, suddenly, the Park’s community of woodfolk is terrorized by a series of murders.  A tough gang of alley cats from a nearby neighborhood is moving into the Park and has decided to take over.  Led by a merciless tomcat named Snake, these thugs have nothing in their hearts but a craving for power and violence.  They mean business – bad business.


When the aging police force of the community, called the Protectors, is overrun by the cat gang, HJ and his friends suddenly find themselves in the forefront of a battle to save the animals of Central Park.