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Alcent: Adventures

Alcent: Adventures

Book Two in the Alcent Series

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First Step to the Stars

Alcent Adventures is the first sequel to The Ultimate Adventure. In The Ultimate Adventure, Captain Jerry Jerontis took Earth's first starship to Alcent, an Earth-like planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A.

Life on Alcent is very different from life on Earth. Its dinosaurs never suffered extinction and continued to evolve. How do Earth's interstellar pioneers build a home on this exotic planet without upsetting its natural balance of life?

En route to Alcent, Captain Jerontis discovered intelligent humanoids on B-2, a nearby planet orbiting Alpha Centauri B. These high-tech people were fighting a planet-wide war that Captain Jerontis decided to shut down.

After arriving on Alcent, Captain Jerontis found alarming evidence that the enemies he made on B-2 had already been to Alcent. He must determine if they are still around to pose a threat.

In Alcent Adventures, life for Captain Jerontis becomes even more complicated when he discovers an abandoned starship that he believes came from Delta Pavonis. But the starship's crew seems to have vanished. What happened to them?




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