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The Baseball Box Prophecy: The Wood and the Earth (Book 2)

The Baseball Box Prophecy: The Wood and the Earth (Book 2)

$15.95 tax incl.


The Traveler's red, hourglass figures that mark Cletis Dungarvan's youthful shoulders remind him constantly he is a mutant. But why him? When the lid of the ancient box burns with the phrases of a second prophecy, Cletis, Garth, and Abish Dungarvan know their winter's peace has ended. And when the mysterious woman of light places living objects inside Cletis's palms, a path of peril opens before him-a labyrinth he is compelled to navigate against his wishes. Thrust into the realm of a new prophecy, and at the mercy of powerful Travelers, Cletis is forced to risk his life to discover his true identity and his potential control of earth and Time. But a Traveler who is a Breathercaster-one with power to resotre life-has never existed. Until Cletis Dungarvan. Be that a blessing or a curse, Cletis will soon discover.



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