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Song to the Moon

Song to the Moon

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Music, the language of emotion, lends its haunting voice to Dorothy Keddington's new novel, Song to the Moon. When violinist Elena Alexandrovna agrees to accompany her aunt on a vacation to Hawaii, it is to relax and heal from a traumatic auto accident. Instead, a chance meeting on a catamaran cruise and a disturbing conversation overheard on a moonlit walk become catalysts for change, directing the symphony of Elena's life into unexpercted motifs of danger and love.

"Song to the Moon" is a captivating novel that skillfully weaves together the worlds of Russian/American politics, classical music and the breathtaking locations of Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. Dorothy Keddington is a masterful storyteller. Her meticulous attention to detail brings the characters to life, while the elegant prose and heartwarming moments make this book an enchanting escape into the realms of music, love, and international espionage. Readers will have a hard time putting this one down untilits exciting finale!



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