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Never a Happier Time

Lessons from the war chapters of Alma on achieving greater self mastery.

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We live in a time of war... A psychological and spiritual war... A war for the souls of men and women of all ages... A war to destroy families from the inside out. The prophets who wrote the stories and principles found the Book of Mormon were inspired to include many chapters involving war. These wars were with weapons designed to kill the body. However, the lessons that these stories teach are very spiritual in nature and very applicable to the wars raging in our lives. The objective of this book is to provide the reader with a greater understanding of how the war chapters of the Book of Mormon can help us win our modern day spiritual and psychological battles. Notwithstanding the numerous wars of their time, the people of Nephi learned over and again that living true principles with vigilance and exactness always ensures freedom from their enemies and greater joy. When we discover and apply the same principles in our lives, we too can experience freedom from debilitating habits and patterns. We hope that as you apply the principles from this book that you will experience like the people of Nephi that, regardless of the numerous wars raging around them, "There never was a happier time."



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