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A Grand Conspiracy

A Grand Conspiracy

$15.99 tax incl.


Eight years after Travis Call's family was nearly destroyed, a new danger haunts them. Sacred artifacts have been stolen from the Grand Canyon, and powerful men, hoping to hide the crime, seek to silence Travis and his friend, Ross Keller. The Kincaid Cave, hidden for over 100 years, may hold clues, not only about the artifacts, but about sacred writings as well that may hold physical proof of Travis's own cherished religion.

But there is trouble at home, Travis's beautiful and talented wife has just confessed that she does not share his deeply held faith, and their son, Kevin, begins manifesting alarming signs of repressed anger. Then, an unseen foe enters their home. WIth the ability to watch without being seen and destroy without being discovered, he is the family's worst nightmare. But the calls, too, have some formidable gifts, and the hunter may become the hunted. 

Unfoldig in the remotest parts of the Grand Canyon, a conflict between faith and darkness will determine more than the fate of a family. It may determine the truth, or falsehood, of a religion.



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