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The White Bedouin

The White Bedouin

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"The White Bedouin" by George Potter. Lee Nelson calls "The White Bedouin", the LDS "Dances With Wolves". Turn the clock black fifty years to trail Stephen Markham on a quest for oil that ultimately reveals layers of meaning long hidden in the sands of Arabia. Alone in the desert, Stephen finds a greater understanding of the Last Days, the meaning of life and a forbidden love. Did Stephen forsake Arabia and return to his life in America, his religion, and his fiance? Or did he disappear forever into the desert sands? In the first book of its kind, George Potter mixes first-hand knowledge of Middle Eastern culture and scripture with a carefully woven story of breathtaking beauty and epic proportions. Cross the threshold between reality and legend "The White Bedouin" is the first in a series of adventure tales of the young reporter Jake Sorensen.



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