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Hiking & Exploring Utah's San Rafael Swell

Hiking & Exploring Utah's San Rafael Swell

The all-new 4th Edition has 352 pages, 410 mostly-color photos!

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The all-new 4th Edition has 352 pages, 410 mostly-color photos.  It covers the same areas as previous editions, but with lots of updates, plus half a dozen completely new hiking regions are included.  Lots of new history added too.  One is a hike, or drive if the 4WD road it’s too bad, to and area where in 1943, a US Army Air Force plane went down–which happens to be in a very scenic place.  Also discussed are a couple of shoot-outs: one being the killing of Shoot-’Em-Bill Hatfield, of Hatfield & McCoy’s fame, along with new history of the San Rafael Ranches, the old mail trail running between Green River and Hanksville, plus more.   It also has the story of the 2 young sheepherders who shot Sheriff Burns in 1894 in the mountains east of Castle Valley, but escaped to the East Desert and McCarty Canyon where they had a shootout with other marshals.  Those marshals were guided by Sid & Rod Swasey.   Those 2 sheepherders, who were just boys, escaped and lived their lives elsewhere–but no one knows where they went, or under what new names they likely used.  If their kinfolk know, they aren’t talking!  Also in this edition is an updated history of the Swasey family and their adventures in the San Rafael region.  All that research is the reason this book is a little late coming out.  Also, new to this edition are lots more hikes to rock art sites.



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