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Melting the Ice: A History of latter-day Saints in Alaska

Melting the Ice: A History of latter-day Saints in Alaska

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Notwithstanding the frigid circumstances, a genuine warmth emanates from the Alaskan Saints. The match that lit this internal flame was the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, first striking the Alaskan borders at the turn of the twentieth century. The Latter-day Saints have subtly shaped Alaskan society, although composing less than five percent of the state’s population. Their influence on Alaskan communities can be seen through their family values, humanitarian service, community projects, and family history centers. This book tells the story of the rise and influence of Latter-day Saints as they joined hands on their journey of “melting the ice.” “Alaska has one of the highest per capita populations of Latter-day Saints of any state in the nation, yet no scholarly history has been written about the LDS Church in the Last Frontier. Until now. Fred Woods’s Melting the Ice is an engrossing read about how many dedicated individuals have contributed to the social and spiritual development of Alaska.” —Ross A. Coen, Editor, Alaska History




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