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Patterns of Light Vol. 1

Patterns of Light Vol. 1

Discovering Patterns of Recovery within the Book of Mormon and Twelve Step Literature

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From the author of He Did Deliver Me from Bondage

Weaving together selected scriptures from the Book of Mormon and quotations from Alcoholics Anonymous (the AA Big Book) and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, Colleen Harrison provides an in-depth study of the principles of recovery found in the Twelve Steps.

The principles of the Twelve Steps are a proven method for coming into "conscious contact" with God. When combined with the power of the Book of Mormon, the result is a deepening spirituality within anyone who uses this course of study.

Of this work, Colleen states:

This work was a gift to me. It has changed my life and given me a practical, proven method of heart-deep repentance. Working the Steps has led me to "come unto Christ" (Moroni 10:32), and He has changed my heart, my mind, my life.

I testify that these true principles have the power to bring all mortals - addicted or not - recovery and redemption from mortality's greatest challenges. When focused on our relationship with Jesus Christ, they can literally restore us to a state of "sobriety" and "sanity" that only He can give.




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