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Will You Help Save Your Country?

Will You Help Save Your Country?

What sort of nation is America today?

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What sort of nation is America today? For more than a century our freedoms have been taken from us one after another. Today, American taxpayers work an average of six months each year just to pay their taxes, our government is running enormous debts we can never repay, the quality of health care is deteriorating rapidly, our privacy has been stolen by the government, freedom of religion is being seriously impaired, and our schools have become indoctrination centers for Leftist propaganda. Much more is being done to diminish our quality of life and distroy our liberty.

Many people talk about the problems we face, but very few offer useful solutions. That's what makes this book different. In his book The Patriot's Guide to Taking America Back, Charles Kraut showed how conservatives could become better organized and more effective in combatting the evils of Progressivism. In this book Charles announces a new organization, The Fourth Branch, that will help make millions of Americans aware of the difference between the natural rights ordained by our Constitution and the destructive human rights advocated by the Left.




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