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In the Midst of Thee Vol. 2

In the Midst of Thee Vol. 2

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In The Midst of Thee, Volume 2 is a revised third edtion of the earlier book by the same name. 

Numerous stories have been added to this edition that were not a part of the first priting.

This collection of true stories researched and written by Glenn Rawson covers a wide variety of subjects and comes from numerous perspectives, but one thing is common to all - they teach true principles and bear wtness that God is with us. he is in our midst. This volume includes stories from history, family, friends, and even nature, all intended to motivate, inspire, and edify. You'll find each story easy to read to children, and many have found the stories useful in talks and lessons. Feel free to share and use them to help other, that we all might be edified and inspired.



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