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Tempering Steele

Tempering Steele

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New from Glenn Rawson - writer, producer, and host of the Joseph Smith Papers and History of the Saints television series-his first work of fiction.

Joe Steele looked at his older son for the last time on this side of the veil. ... "Find Him, Son. Find the Pole Star!" The whisper trailed off.

J. O. lowered the now-lifeless hand onto the bed and looked at his mother and younger brother, who were sobbing unrestrained. Tears welled up in his own eyes, and this time there was no stopping them. He bolted through the open door of the bedroom and passed the brightly lit Christmas tre. ... Plunging through the snowdrift at the door, he began to run.

The story of one man's search for the reality of God, Tempering Steel follows J. O. Steele, a modern-day prodigal son running and rebelling across the highways of America until the awesome forces of those who love and hate him bring him to his knees, barely holding onto life.



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