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What I Want My Children to Know Before I Die

What I Want My Children to Know Before I Die

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May 5, 1986 was the last time I looked into my mother's deep brown eyes and embraced her before she left for the hospial and didn't return.

I Haven't hiven my mother a hug since that day.

But there is something that is almost as good: It is feeling her influence.

And I feel it right now, as I am typing this.

I don't know when I will die, but I hope this book may in some way act as an embrace from me to you.

This book is published on May 5, 2022 - exactly 36 years later.

And even though I haven't given my mom a hug in 36 years, there have been a few times - when I least expect it but need it most - that I can still feel her embrace.

Because of Jesus Christ, this life is merely the cover page of the best book even written - which goes on forever and ever and is filled with more adventure and love than we can possibly imagine.

Death is just the page turning, a reminder that the Real story is about to begin.

If you are still and listen - you just might feel it.



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