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Family Home Evening for Newlyweds

Family Home Evening for Newlyweds

In this creative, easy to use book you'll find 80 Family Home Evening lessons-more than enough for a year-just for you. All you have to do is open the book, turn to a lesson, and follow the instructions.

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$10.95 tax incl.


You'lll love these Family Home Evening lessons:


  • Gospel Draw
  • The Sky's the Limit
  • Need to Succeed
  • Life Inventory
  • Marriage Myths
  • Into the Future
  • Spouse Olympics
  • Name Game
  • The Signal of Love
  • Calendar Cration
  • This is My Life
  • Highway to Heaven
  • Money Matters

And Much Much More!!


If you are committed to following the prophet's counsel, this book will help you to establish a pattern for Family Home Evening that will last through all the children and challenges that lie in the years ahead.





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