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Transforming the Intense Child Workbook

Transforming the Intense Child Workbook

An Experiential Guide for Learning and Implementing the Nurtured Heart Approach

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This book by best-selling author and child psychotherapist Howard Glasser is about a time-tested, highly effective for educators and therapists, has an evidence base that is building fast. It is being successfully employed in thousands of homes, classrooms, therapy and coaching practices, and a growing number of schools and treatment programs across the U.S. and overseas.
In learning the Nurtured Heart Approach, you will discover that the intensity that has gone awry in the difficult child is an energy source that can be tapped and directed. With a method that works at the level of energy, this intensity can blossom into greatness. The more intense a child is to begin with, the more powerful this force of greatness can be when parents have the right tools. A child who isn't challenging also possesses vast stores of greatness that can be activated.
In this workbook - the most comprehensive, up-to-date resource on the Nurtured Heart Approach - parents, educators, and therapists will learn how to:
- Transform children's challenging behaviors to success through a simple, powerful and time-efficient approach
- Build positive relationships with children while establishing healthy boundaries and a new ease in consistently enforcing rules
- Support children who aren't challenging in embodying their full greatness and enhancing their self-esteem
- Transform their own attitudes and self-talk in ways that enhance gratitude, mindfulness, and well-being

Parents, educators, and therapists who learn this approach agree that the Nurtured Heart Approach supports every child in thriving and transforms parent/educator/therapist burnout and frustration into confidence and joy. If you're ready to move into a realm of ease in relating to every child in your life - a realm where you can choose to celebrate the greatness in every ordinary moment - you've arrived. This book is for you.



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