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Peace Be Unto You: Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles

Peace Be Unto You: Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles

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All of us experience anxiety to varying degrees---whether you feel anxiety all of the time, or only occasionally during stressful situations. In Peace Be Unto You: Anxiety Management Through Gospel Principles, Dr. Morgan delivers an insightful look into human psychology and how we can overcome anxiety through changing our thinking and trusting in God.


 This book will give you specific, applicable tools---both psychological and spiritual---including mindfulness, visualization, thought work, and coping strategies that offer immediate solutions readers can apply to their lives, as well as teaching how feelings of love and confidence can empower those who struggle with anxiety. With a foreword by popular speaker John Bytheway, Peace Be Unto You is a book that you'll reference again and again, whether you're facing anxious feelings, overcoming obstacles that anxiety creates, or trying to help those you love deal with anxiety.



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