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Creation Journal

Creation Journal

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Creation Journal — Live the Life You Want Day by Day, With a Simple Journaling Process by Carol Tuttle —Undated
What if you could have the best days of your life—day after day after day?

This journal helps you to create them.

With this Creation Journal, best-selling author Carol Tuttle guides you through her personal process to create one amazing day after another. In other journals, you write about the past to make a record of it. In this journal, you write about the future to create it.

The journaling practice takes less than 5 minutes a day.

With very little time and effort, you will be able to...

  • Be more intentional about the life you’re living
  • Set each day in motion the night before
  • Shift challenging situations with simple sketches
  • Consistently enjoy the best days of your life

Both weekly and monthly layouts are undated, so you can start any time.

The only thing you’ll need to get used to is having so many great days!



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