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He Restoreth My Soul

He Restoreth My Soul

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Most families will be affected by the modern plague of pornography. A Church News article noted, "Latter-day Saints with the problem are no different when it comes to prevalence or magnitude of sexual addiction."


For those afflicted, what is the best path to lasting recovery?


In He Restoreth My Soul, renowned neurological surgeon Dr. Donald L. Hilton Jr. explores the astonishing power of pornography, and how its users are influenced by both the laws of science and human spirtuality. For example, current research shows little difference in the chemical changes taking place in the brain - regardless of whether it is triggered by ingesting a chemical (such as a drug) or having an experience (such as viewing and acting out with pornography).

Merging the latest research on addiction with spiritual aspects of repentance and recovery, Dr. Hilton explains key principles that offer hope to those who are seeking healing and recovery of both body and spirit - the "soul" of man. Woven throughout the book are candid stories written by those in strong recovery who are following these principles.

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as spouses and parents may also find He Restoreth my Soul particularly insightful in understanding why it is so difficult to treat pornography and sexual addiction from a spiritual perspective alone. Visit to find specific resources to begin recovery.




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