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Feelings Buried Alive Never Die... Book on CD

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die... Book on CD

The best of the best. Tells you why you feel the way you feel and how these feelings started.

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Everywhere I turn, people from all walks of life are experiencing what seems to be insurmountable challenges in their lives.  Those who are striving to alleviate the pain created by these challenges have undoubtedly searched for relief.  Many have found or are finding help to minimize the pain they are experiencing as they continue to add knowledge and understanding to assist them on their journey through life.


Yes, I too, have had my share of challenges.  In 1984, however, I was given the gift of a wonderful "tool" that began instantly to impact my life in a very positive manner.  Those family members, friends and clients who have had benefit of this "tool" and who have used it on a consistent basis have also made significant alterations in their lives.




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