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The Office Journal of President Brigham Young: 1858-1863

The Office Journal of President Brigham Young: 1858-1863

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 Few men in this world have ever lived to achieve so many great things as did President Brigham Young. He joined the Church in 1832, became an apostle in 1835. In 1844, after 9 years of missionary work in the united States, Canada and England, he was sustained as the head of the Church and less than a year later he became the Presiding Priest/King over the Kingdom of God. In February of 1846 he led thousands of Saints out into the hawling wilderness, in the dead of a very cold winter. Finally after more than a year of preparation, as a modern Moses, he led the pioneer company more than a 1000 miles farther into the wilderness where he founded an Empire in the isolation of the Great West-the Kingdom of God on Earth. More than two hundred cities were built under his inspired direction. As a great interpreunier, he founded a steal mill more than a 1000 miles from civilization-and ultimately, through his foresight, Utah became the first to produce Sugar in the United States. On top of all this, he was the husband of many wives and literally the father of a multitude. Of all the sons of Adam ever to be born on planet Earth, without a doubt, President Brigham Young was the most recorded. Yet, this notwithstanding, to date, relatively little of what was recorded about his life and administration has been published. There are a total of 12 known diaries or Journals which were kept by President Young and his clerks and probably there are others pertaining to the last decade of his life which have not yet come to light. The publication of this present record (i.e. Book D) represents the most extensive Journal record of President Young's administration yet to be published. In addition to this, Appendixs A, B, C and D contain the minutes of 4 different meetings between the Twelve and First Presidency. These minutes constitute the major sources of information for the Doctrinal Conflict between President Young and Apostle Orson Pratt.




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