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2nd Nephi: a brief theological introduction

2nd Nephi: a brief theological introduction

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"I have seen a vision, in which I know that Jerusalem is destroyed . . ." In the wake of epic cataclysm, Nephi launches a second book of writings. Inspired by the prophet Isaiah s remarkable account of the scattering and gathering of God s covenant people, Nephi aches to reassure his family by providing a clear understanding of their unbroken place in God s designs. Interweaving history, theology, and prophecy, Nephi brings together the covenant s ancient roots and its future fulfillment, orienting everything around the person of Jesus Christ. In this brief theological introduction, Terryl Givens echoes Nephi s invitation for readers to keep Christ front and center in their minds, hearts, and wor­ship. Givens finds clear emphasis on the Redeemer s healing atonement, the promise of resurrection, the necessity of oppositional strife and of agency wisely employed, and other plain and precious truths lost or obscured by time. Above all, Nephi presents essential elements of the doctrine of Christ, emphasizing repentance as a lifelong process of heart reeducation, and of scripture as a resource for spiritual succor and personal revelation. Jerusalem is destroyed. But all is not lost.




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