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Mormon: a brief theological introduction

Mormon: a brief theological introduction

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“O ye fair ones, how could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you!”

From the moment Sariah and Lehi’s family arrived in the promised land, their prophets warned that the people would face destruction if they failed to trust in Christ. Centuries later, Mormon witnesses the fulfillment of this dark prophecy. He witnesses his own people hewn down in open rebellion against God. Crying out from the depths of his heart, the prophet reflects on what went wrong and how it might have been avoided. Through it all, hope in Christ abides.

In this brief theological introduction, philosopher and theologian Adam S. Miller presents Mormon’s book as a beginner’s guide to the end of the world.

Mormon’s life is a case study in apocalyptic discipleship. What does a disciple’s task of sacrificing all things look like in a world where all things are already passing away?

Miller introduces a Mormon for our own troubled times—a sober and observant prophet who models hope in Christ even
as everything in the world he loves collapses around him.




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