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The Wise Men of Bountiful

The Wise Men of Bountiful

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George Potter, Kathryn Kidd, and Illustrated by Glenn Harmon. Author and Book of Mormon explorer George Potter brings to life the story of Christ's birth from a unique LDS perspective. It is a story you will enjoy reading with your family again and again. This beautifully illustrated bedside story is a wonderful adventure; your children will be leaning over the edges of their beds as they embark on a journey through fabled cities in search of the Savior. 84 pages, 10x8" Paperback ..."We have purchased 12 of "The Wise Men of Bountiful" for our family and friends during the past month. Our grandchildren are in absolute awe of the story and where the Wise Men came from in the first place. And Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your work. We are thrilled to read many of your discoveries." John R. Potts 72 pages, softcover




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