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German & Spanish Military Rings: A Historical Perspective

German & Spanish Military Rings: A Historical Perspective

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Every Ring Tells a Story

Military rings are a unique facet of war memorabilia. German & Spanish Military Rings span World War I and II, the Spanish Civil War, and the rise of the Nazi party. In this book, both the new collector and avid enthusiast will find a rich variety of rare and spectacular rings-each connected to a geographic are, a campaign, and ideology, a unit, a memorable event, or accomplishment. Superb illustrations and informative text about the medals and taken awarded to German and Spanish combatants provide a unique and compelling look at military history. Through the author's inspired linking of military artifacts with historic events, you will:

-gain new insights into the rise of populism and the conflicts of social ideology in the lead-up to two world wars;

-learn about women's roles under Fascist dictators Franco and Hitler;

-find sound advice on authenticating, managing, securing and dispersing you collection;

-better understand the way the Nazis used a combination of terror, propaganda, and coercion to gain total control of German society;

-discover ways of sharing your own trove with your community through exhibits, displays, speaking engagements, and article writing.




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