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Discovering the Amazing Jaredites

Discovering the Amazing Jaredites

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The Jaredites were a blessed people of the Lord (Ether 1:43). On reading the circumstances that surrounded their eventual demise, one might judge them as a failed society. Before judging them, it should be remembered that their history spanned a period of time as long as the centuries between the birth of Christ and our own era. Much of that time they were a righteous people who achieved remarkable accomplishments and blessed the world in doing so.The brief account of the Jaredite history is recorded in book of Ether. It is a history of over a thousand years yet abridged into a few pages. Where would one even begin to unlock their historical footprint? That question was answered one night while alone in my apartment in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. While reading the Book of Mormon, I turned to the book of Ether and read: And it came to pass that the Lord commanded them that they should go forth into the wilderness, yea, even into that quarter where there never had man been (Ether 2:5). Immediately I realized that the Jaredites must have crossed the great sand desert known as the Rub Al Khali , meaning The Empty Quarter in English so named because there is no sign that anyone has ever lived there. I knew that there had been an ancient trail leading from ancient Babel to the edges of the Empty Quarter. This book represents 15 years of research and exploration.




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