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The Lure of the Sea

The Lure of the Sea

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Captain Brown's story is so unusual because of the ties between his life on the sea from Scotland to England to New Jersey to New York to small town Payson, Utah and then to Salt Lake City, to the deaths of some of his children in a drowning accident on Utah Lake in 1911. He traveled around the world 7 times and had all sorts of adventures as a merchant marine and became one of Britain's and Scotland's youngest sea captains at 23 1/2 years old. his typed memoirs were found in a basement box after his grandson's basement flooded and his second wife handed it to his only daughter to read. It covers the time from the clipper and tall ships to the in-coming steam ships era and was finished only 9 months before he lost three of his children, including the promised bride and groom, as they approached Saratoga Springs resort on a wedding party excursion in a yacht, he had built himself. This is one marvelous life story and sure to capture the hearts and minds of everyone who loves a rousing sea tale with all its losses, tragedies and adventures. It becomes obvious that Captain Brown's first love was the sea and the ships that sailed on it, until after his many losses, he never sailed again.



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